118 E. Charles Street, Matthews, NC 28105 704-369-9982 info@pgmatthews.com We do not take reservations for tables less than 6 people, however you are welcome to call ahead to see our wait time. Call 704-369-9982 for enquiries or take-out.

Bourbon & Banter

We just had our 1st pairing event, where a large group of us sat around tasting great Bourbon and pairing them with plates prepared by our executive chef Brett. It was such a fun evening, getting to know some of our regulars a little better and meeting some new people for the 1st time. Bourbon is such a convivial drink, which explained the noise levels rising as each pairing came out! It was a really interesting experience seeing people come together to talk about their experiences with and love for Americas whiskey. Some people in the group were experienced Bourbon drinkers, who had gone on many distillery tours and even in some cases the Kentucky trail. They were sharing their experiences with others for who this was Whiskey 1001, but who really appreciated the opportunity to get to know the spirit a little better. I had fun acting as the host, trying to impart a little knowledge, along with some entertainment and as is my wont, a whole lot of trivia. The evening showed the best of who we can be; sharing stories, enjoying great food and drinks, meeting and chatting with new friends and gently ribbing the Welshman for his love of Single Malt whisky. This is why we choose hospitality and I can’t wait for the next chance to do more of the same.

Till next time – Alistair

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