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The Holiday Season


Thank you to those who have commented on the blog, always good to hear your thoughts. We are busy preparing for the holiday season at the restaurant. Brett and the kitchen team have been putting together party menus for the groups wanting to use our private dining room, along with the menu for New Years Eve, which they are looking to have some fun with. Micayla and the bar team have also been busy, working on seasonal cocktails and new drinks for 2019. It’s a fun dynamic working with such creative people, they are super enthusiastic, so sometimes it’s hard to temper that enthusiasm with the realities of running a small business.

The weather is always a factor at this time of year as well. We have a beautiful secret garden type patio, which has hardly been used since we opened, as every weekend has been wet or snowing! Our vision of people sitting having brunch in the winter sunshine, has not yet come to fruition. Hopefully the weather will improve in the next few weeks. I have plans to sit in the garden, next to the heater, with one of our blankets over me (one of Roz’s brilliant ideas), watching college playoff football, while sipping on a good Scotch whisky!

I hope you have a great holiday season, and look forward to welcoming you to the restaurant and bar sometime soon.

Best wishes for the season, Alistair.

1 thought on “The Holiday Season

  1. We enjoyed ourselves at our 2nd annual 12 Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl, the atmosphere was festive and the drinks were top notch. Wishing you a wonderful season and many more to come.


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